Loaded Commerce Migration website not loading

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website won't load after migration with cart2cart. During migration with Loaded Commerce, the site froze up. The migration service insists they are not at fault. My site is christianexpressions.com The admin loads fine and all admin links work except 'products' and 'content" content is where the categories are listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
cart2cart is the company that migrated it. This was their response when I asked them:
The issue we see is that your server can not deal with requests

Which tells me absolutely nothing. Hopefully Loaded Commerce can help

Does the Loaded Cart give any error reporting in the back end? I am unable to locate any information on enabling error reporting via the web. Cart2cart is a third party service that we have no control of, so if there is missing data from the transfer, we will not be able to assist in recovering it via that means. Was the default loaded7 site working fine before you did the transfer? Was there any sort of error message involved previously? If so, please provide the error text so we can try to look for that as well.

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Scott M