Unable Imoprt product with attribute & option

  • Answered
I am unable to import product with attribute.when i add column for attribute into excel sheet.thats showing not expected...please any one here for resolve my problem
Hello Md_jahan, Sorry to hear that your having problems with the Import. As we cannot see your data, it's difficult for us to determine what is causing the problem. If you can give us access to see what you're trying to import, then we can help determine the issue. If I were to GUESS at the issue, I would say that something in your import file does not match the table/tables that you're trying to import into. If you have an extra column or mismatching data types or lengths, then you may have this problem. Click Using the Bulk Export-Import Extension in OpenCart for more information. If you wish for us to provide assistance, then please provide us more detailed information. Kindest regards, Arnel C.