Prestashop Multi-Store with subdomain

  • Answered
I'm going to set a multistore in Prestashop. I want the new one located in a subdomain, so I created the subdomain through cpanel. Now before to set it in Prestashop I think I must park the subdomain to the main domain. So I suppose I should go to parked domains in cpanel and set it as it's described here
adding the subdomain in the textbox and clicking on add domain. Am I right?
This is my doubt, then I should be able to set the multistore through prestashop
Hello ,

Multistore is used by PrestaShop to manage multiple stores. If you're assigning a store to a subdomain, but that domain is parked to the main domain, then it defeats the purpose of the multistore. You're also creating a loop. If your intent is to have multiple stores, then you should have separate URLs that lead to different locations. If you want to have one store, then do not use the multistore option. Parking a domain (as per the link you have) simply makes the subdomain go back to the site that you park it to. You can use the subdomain path as a separate store, there is no need for you to park the domain.

I hope this helps to clear this up for you. If you have further questions, please let us know.

Arnel C.