Subpage URL name shows as "" and not actual name

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My website is hosted through GoDaddy and made using Word Press. Today ALL of the subpages, when clicked on, location bar shows as "" instead of "www.companyName/subpage" What is going on and why did this start?

Subpage now shows as:

Thanks! Any help is appreciated, and FYI, I am new to Word Press.

If the site is directing to another site, then there is likely a setting telling it to do so. It may be something in the database. I did take a look at your site and it does not seem to be doing that now, however. Were you able to get it fixed?

Also, I took a look at the site that it was redirecting to. It is a duplicate of your site, however it is hosted by different companies and in different data centers. It appears that one is copying the other, which can do bad things in Google for both. If one is an old site and will be taken down once the new one is up, then that will be fine.

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Scott M