members authentication w/out using WordPress

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How do I create a login area for my clients (members) w/out using "PW Protect Directories" or WordPress Plugins? I want my clients to be able to set their own UserIDs & Passwords.

If you are coding a site from scratch, you will need to custom code the login/membership authentication to work on all pages you want to keep as 'members only'. This will involve a section to create the user, a back office section to manage the users, the database to hold the information and verify the users, and each page will need to call the verification. Usually, cookies are used to recognize whether a user is logged in or not. While simple in concept, it can take a good deal of coding to get it off the ground. But once done, it can be a great feature for your site.

If you are using WP, Joomla, or Drupal it is best to use their default methods or existing modules/plugins, otherwise you may end up needing to code your own.

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Scott M