Ruby on Rails support

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I am a new customer with the Business Hosting Power plan.
I became a customer because the business hosting page ( lists both Ruby and PostgreSQL as supported options for the Power plan.

I was able to install a PostgreSQL database via the cPanel.

My questions and possible issues are around Ruby support.
I interpreted "Ruby" as meaning that you support the Ruby on Rails web framework; however, I see no cPanel options to install Rails or any of the Rails-based CMS packages. Assuming that Rails is supported under the Power plan, I can install it in my local area via SSH shell access, but Rails needs to be supported by the web server. I don't see any options in cPanel that would allow me to configure Apache to recognize Rails.

Does the fact that Ruby is listed on the business hosting page mean that Rails is supported for these shared hosting business plans, or does it just mean that the Ruby scripting language is supported for basic shell scripting?
If it is supported, what do I have to do to get things set up correctly?
If it is not supported under these plans, which plans do support it?
Also, if Rails is not supported under the shared hosting business plans, I suggest that you adjust the wording on the web page ( to clarify the nature of your Ruby support.

Hello Tonyb67,

That is correct, the Ruby version is set by the server and can only be upgraded via a VPS or Dedicated Server plan. This is also needed for the Rails and Sinatra frameworks.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
Hello, Unfortunately our shared servers do not currently support the Rails framework. There are plans to implement that in the future, however there is no timeline as to when that will occur. You are able to install Rails on the VPS and Dedicated plans, however we do not currently have articles on the process. Those are currently on our to-do list also. Our Systems team will install the Rails framework for you, however there is an installation fee for it. Kindest Regards, Scott M