Migrated Wordpress site not accessible

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I migrated a Wordpress site from another host using InMotion's tutorial (https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/wordpress/migrating-wordpress-inmotion-hosting). After completing all the steps, I tried to visit the site and get the following error: Error establishing a database connection

I checked the database and it appears to have imported correctly. My domain is pointed to InMotion's DNS servers correctly (verified by pinging the domain name). The domain is an add-on domain and it is pointed to the correct directory. I checked the database and can see the correct data.

Can someone throw out some ideas about what may be happening?
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Restoring backup from other cpanel
I have the backup of the domain "colsancarlostuc.edu.ar" and the backup of the database (locked in another hosting).
Now I want to migrate that site to your hosting.
What I did was this:
1) create an additional domain called "colsancarlostuc.edu.ar"
2) I copied all files in the backup I had.
3) I created a DB "mapane5_colsancarlos" user name and "mapane5_mapaedu". I assigned full permissions. and then import the backup DB had.
4) I modified the "wp-config.php" file with data from the DB name, user name and password.

Nothing more.

The problem is that when trying to access the site from the browser appears: "Error Establishing a database connection"

What is my mistake? please help!
Hello herrera,

Thank you for your question on your WordPress migration configuration. If you are still getting the database connection error, then you want to doublecheck all the credentials, including the database name, username, password, and host.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M

That particular error means that there is something incorrect in the database settings. It could be an incorrect username, password, database name, or host name. You will want to look at them very carefully in your wp-config.php for any typos. In your case, pay particular attention to the DB_NAME setting.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M