calculating shipping for different locations using prestashop

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How do I configure Prestashop to calculate the shipping charges for a product based upon the warehouse location that the product is shipping from? For example: the main office is in NH, but we also ship from VT. We also have suppliers that dropship for us. We will be using FedEx, UPS and USPS. Thank you for your input!

The shipping zones in the default PrestaShop are larger, continental-type zones. They are not small inter-country zones where you would be able to adjust the shipping on a state to state basis. If you use modules like UPS, etc, they are able to properly adjust the shipping. You may be able to find a module in the PrestaShop store, however looking at the free ones, those do not do what you require. The premium ones start at around $45 and go up to over $500.

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Scott M