Google Apps to Hosted Email?

  • Answered
We currently host our email accounts with Google Apps. However, lately, we are beginning to find it harder justifying the monthly payments. This, plus the fact that we are working on a very limited budget this financial year, has given us at least one good reason to think about disconnecting from Google Apps to using InMotion's mail (that came with our hosting package for our domain name

Question now is: what will be the best way(s) to seamlessly migrate email and contacts and so on from Google Apps to the hosted email?
Hello, When working with InMotion email accounts, you will be connecting with an email client. This can be an external app such as MacMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, or one of the three internal interfaces from the webmail (Horde, RoundCube, SqurrelMail). Getting the Google apps contacts and email will begin with properly retrieving them from Google. Google has information on getting that done here. Once that information is retrieved and downloaded to your local computer, you can use the interfaces from your chosen email client to import the data up to the server. Another choice is to look into moving to gmail for your email needs when moving from Google Apps. This may make a transition easier and you can still use a gmail account to connect to your domain email address so no one will know you are using gmail. It will appear as if it is coming from your domain account. Kindest Regards, Scott M