My Wordpress installation is not sending account notifications.

  • Answered
This started about 3 two weeks ago. Wordpress has stopped sending all account notifications, whether for new accounts or for the collaboration emails plugin. This was working before but has just stopped.
Quick patch by plugin author:
in the peters-collaboration-e-mails folder located in the plugins directory,

Open up: peters_collaboration_emails.php

Find: get_edit_post_link( $pce_object->ID, false )

Replace with: preg_replace( '(https?://)', '', get_edit_post_link( $pce_object->ID, false ) )

There are multiple instances of this code (about 3), so replace all of them and it should work, the plugin hasn't been updated since last year so this is just a quick patch, hopefully the plugin author will get around to making an update.

When something suddenly stops working, there is always a cause. Try thinking back to see if there was a change you made at that time. Did you change themes, add a plugin? Move servers? If it was a theme or plugin, revert back and see if the process begins again. If so, then that is the cause.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M