SQLITE3 on webserver seems not being working

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Hello, I am asking this in behalf of one of your customers.
I am providing her with a joomla extension (jDBexport) that (under certain conditions) requires SQLITE3 to be activated on the server. This Joomla extension runs without issues on hundreds of other sites. However, when SQLITE3 is used on this site, we only get a "Server 500" error. From PHPINFO it appears that SQLITE3 is indeed activated. What is going wrong here?

I can provide you all nessesary details and "showcases" if you wish.

Best regards
Ruediger Schultz
Hello, If the phpinfo page says the sqlite is enabled on the server, then the error may be due to something else related to sqlite and not whether it is on the server. Unfortunately without knowledge of which server it is on, what the site is, and instructions on how to duplicate the error we cannot give any definitive answer on what the issue may be. You may want to contact our Live Support so they can see if there is something specific to the account that is causing the issue. Kindest Regards, Scott M