Using own SSL for Domains on VPS

  • Answered
1. I have a VPS and SSL for my account. How can I deploy it to avoid the certificate issue with emails etc.
2. Is one certificate enough for all the domains hosted on the account.
3. Lately I am getting regular machine messages asking to update the wordpress to latest version. The link in the message is a dead end and as far as I can tell the version of Wordpress installed on my account is already updated to the latest one.
Thank you and best wishes
Hello, You may have the SSL on you VPS set for services so that you will not get the messages from your email client. To have that done, you will need to contact the Live Support team with the request. SSLs are tied to a specific domain name. This means that no other domain name can use the SSL. If you have another website that needs an SSL you would need to have the domain on a separte cPanel account and then purchase another SSL for it, With the WordPress, the current version is 3.9.1. It is always a good idea to stae updated. If the link is not working for some reason you may want to perform a manual update. I have not heard of WordPress asking to upgrade even if it was already on the latest version, so I do not have instructions on how to fix such an issue. If that is the case, you will want to go through normal troubleshooting procedures (disabling plugins, etc) to see if one of them is causing the issue. Kindest Regards, Scott M