Drupal Commons (current version) can't send system generated emails

  • Answered
I have installed Drupal Commons on two of my sites, www.canuckcoffee.com and www.digitalcanuck.com and after install there was an error message: Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists.

There are no email configuration settings in Drupal Commons to change anything other than the email address where system emails are to be sent from. Is there a system configuration on the server which is stopping this distribution from working. In both cases, the distributions have been upgraded to the most current version of Drupal Commons 3.16. They are both plain jane installs, no changes, no extra data other than the sample data. Any ideas? I've not found this to be problem via googling so

I'm thinking it's a server setting???

Hello Rick, and thank you for your question. I'm not 100% yet what's going on, did you happen to modify your php.ini file on your account earlier today while trying to get the PHP mail functioning? For now I've gone ahead and re-named your /public_html/php.ini file to php.ini-BAK so that the server's default PHP settings are used instead, and that seems to allow PHP mail to function like normal again. I just had another customer with the same issue less than an hour ago, so I was thinking this might be related to something our senior system administration team is attempting to do with updates to PHP. I've gone ahead and reached out to them to see if this is the case. Please let us know if you're still seeing any issues at the moment with your Drupal generated emails. - Jacob