import db in cpannel

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hello. I need a serious help.
When I import my db in phpMyAdmin I received this error:
the user name ----@localhost access denied.
or in my another attemps, this error:
No data was received to import. Either no file name was submitted, or the file size exceeded the maximum size permitted by your PHP configuration. See FAQ 1.16.
please help. I have to Run a site for a company.
Thank you.
Hello, It might vary depending on the web host you're using, but if you take a look at our import a MySQL database guide you can that you might be encountering a MySQL 1044 Access Denied error. This is typically caused when your MySQL backup that you're trying to import has CREATE database statements in it. With cPanel, you physically have probably already created the MySQL database, so you need to go through your .sql backup file and get rid of any instances where it is trying to create a database. You'll only want it making tables and inserting info into those. As also mentioned in that first guide about importing a MySQL database, if your database backup exceeds 50MB in size you won't be able to import it via phpMyAdmin and you'd need to give the location of your SQL backup to your web host and advise them what database that information needs to be imported into. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob