How to Use Form Mail

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Your instructions for making form mail is detailed and useful. I already have a form mail in my web site. but i want something like this:

Please take a look at this page. she has a gray button that if you click

it asks email of the sender and receiver and the stuff that you see.

it works nicely. I want to make something like this and add to my web site. I have looked at the source of her page and see two pieces of the script there that does this thing. but i am not sure how to glue them together and make it work. perhaps if you soend a little time yopu can work it out.

if you do and if you write an ionstruction page, then it will be helpful for me and most probably for many other people. it is a good function for a web site.


wish you happiness


Thanks for your question about how to use form mail. I am a bit confused as to what you are referring to. In this URL that you linked in the bottom of this question has a comment box that is powered by Disqus. Is that what you are referring to?