Cant Log Into Site

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[Alex P] the username and password you are using? [Terrence Mills] I am using the Admin email address from the install along with the admin password from the install, and [Terrence Mills] I have also tried using my personal email address along with [Alex P] and the url for the login? [Terrence Mills] also and and for passwords [Alex P] which would you like to use? [Terrence Mills] Okay, I'm going to Cpanel, bringing up prestashop and clicking on the admin icon for the install [Terrence Mills] Not actually writing the URL [Terrence Mills] URL : Admin URL : [Alex P] It appears that I'll need to update the user entry in the database to make sure the login is correct. I'll keep you updated on the progress in the next 5-10min [Terrence Mills] Okay, sounds good. [Alex P] Thank you for your patience. [Terrence Mills] Certainly [Alex P] Unfortunately updating the database record of the password has had no effect. I'm checking now to see what the cause might be, however the end result may be that you'll need to contact our prestashop specialists. If i'm not able to resolve this in the next 10 minutes you're best bet is going to be to contact them. Please hold 5 - 10 minutes while I look into this for you. [Terrence Mills] Certainly [Alex P] Thank you for your patience. okay nothing I'm doing is having effect. I do apologize I was not able to resolve this issue for you, rest assured though our experts will AND they'll create an article to address this issue for if it happens again for someone else. to reach our specialists submit your request here:
Hello ThunderSky,

I took a look at the site for you. There are two databases in your account, and only one of them is being used by PrestaShop currently. Since you are verified according to the information you provided, I changed the admin username and password to the one you originally mentioned in the question. That particular username was not in the database that is being used by the program, so I replaced the default user with it. Also, when testing the login (which now works) I noticed that the PrestaShop version was 1.5.3, and not 1.6.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M