Hello Bruce,

I definitely able to cause the bar to disappear, however I am not able to make official changes to any customer site without account authentication. I'm certain that doing so on a public forum is not something you want to do. That is why I provided the direct instructions on how to do so. I apologize if there was any confusion on that part.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
Hello heartlandpet, Were you able to follow my instructions from your other question about using the Google Chrome Inspector so you don't have to wait on us to tell you were your code is located? You can follow those same steps and easily see the caption for your Nivo slider is being controlled by: /prestashop/modules/csslider/jquery.nivo.slider.css Line 112

/* Caption styles */ .nivo-caption { position:absolute; left:0px; bottom:25px; background:#000; color:#fff; opacity:0.8; /* Overridden by captionOpacity setting */ width:100%; z-index:8; }

This position value was originally set to move the element 0px from the bottom. If you pushed down your margin by 25px at the top further up in the DOM, you would need to account for this in this caption element and place it back up that same amount. I've gone ahead and done that for you, and it does look like this caption slider is suppose to exist and is part of the image slider. As when your images change they change the name of the category that the picture is showing. If you indeed want to hide the slider for some reason, which I probably wouldn't recommend as your website still is loading the JavaScript file itself anyways: /prestashop/modules/csslider/jquery.nivo.slider.js Line 93

//Create caption //slider.append( //$('<div class="nivo-caption"><p></p></div>').css({ display:'none', opacity:settings.captionOpacity }) //);

Hope that helps. - Jacob