we have certificate errors on our emails

  • Answered

since we changed web hosts we have been getting security alerts on our email,

I have taken a screen shot

All users are getting this,

can you please advise what this is as we have never had this before. or alternatively if you can send me the certificate i need i will forward to our mail provider if that is the resolution.

thanks in advance , luke robson from aifltd.co.uk

please can you email [email protected] with resolution thankyou

Hello Luke, This is due to the settings in your email client. As I cannot see them I am unable to know what the current settings are. We do have an article that guides you on how to locate the proper settings for your email account. That particular message is likely benign. It is simply advising that the certificate it is expecting does not have the same name as the one on the server. Our servers have a format of secure###.inmotionhosting.com as the server name, so you would need to use that in your settings if you are using our servers for email. You mention a mail provider, are you using third party for email? If so, settings may need to be different according to how they designed their system. In that case, you may need to make changes to your DNS records to match what they require. Of course, we can always assist if needed, we would just need to get the specifics from you so we can give the proper advice. Kindest Regards, Scott M Kindest Regards, Scott M