How Do I Determine Which Template My Joomla Site Is Using?

  • Answered
there are many templates and am finding it difficult to trace my template in joomla. Could you please help me to identify my existing template so that I can make changes in it
Hello, Thank you for posting your question regarding determining the current template in Joomla!. We have a guide on how to edit a Joomla 2.5 template, as well as how to switch a Joomla 3 template and another example of how to change template background color in Joomla 3 that might help. An easy way to find out what template you're using is simply open up your Joomla website in your web-browser. Then hit Ctrl-U to review the page source. Now hit Ctrl-F and search for templates, one of the first results you should see should look like this:
<link href="/joomla/templates/beez_20/favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon"  />
As you can see in this example my Joomla site is using the beez_20 template. Please let us know if you are any more specific questions related to what you're trying to edit. - Jacob