Update with expression web looks like it works, but it does not.

  • Answered
I have been using Expression Web 4 with InMotion for years. Today I updated an ADD ON domain (which I have updated hundreds of times with Expression Web) and while expression web shows that it updated and indeed shows the files when I look a the site, when I go via Cpanel, or a command based FTP, the files are not there!!! Only the old files are there.
Hello stanislavf, Without knowing the account you're having these issues on this would be hard for us to guess what might be going wrong. Are you publishing via FTP with Expression Web or trying to still use FrontPage extensions? It's important to note the death of FrontPage Extensions and that they are no longer enabled on our servers. Have you recently moved your addon domain? It sounds like you could possibly be connecting to the wrong server and that's why it only has your old files. You might want to submit a ticket about this issue so that you can directly give us the domain name in question that you're having problems with. - Jacob