Why won't my PHP version update?

  • Answered
I am currently in the process of developing my business' website; and in doing, I have chosen PHP's Laravel framework to expedite the process. However, the framework requires a version of PHP that exceeds 5.3. Currently, I am hosted on a server running on 5.3.x.

I have made several attempts to update my PHP's version through cPanel's PHP configuration option, but however, all efforts were unsuccessful. I have also amended the .htaccess files, found within the root directory and the public_html, to use PHP version 5, and still no luck.

The issue occurs when I try to install Laravel using Softaculous.

Hello, Sorry for the problem you're having. When we investigated your account however, it indicates that you're using PHP version 5.5. Yes, the server defaults to 5.3, but you can use different version of PHP based on what's set for your account. We checked the PHPINFO.PHP file and it indicates that you're using version 5.5.12. It appears that Softaculous is actually part of the issue. The systems team is indicating that currently, the only way to install Laravel will be to do a manuall installation. Here's the link to get the Laravel install files and instructions. We do apologize for the problem in Softaculous. It is an issue that requires a fix that we cannot provide. We will provide a fix in the near future, however, the best bet is to run the installation locally as indicated above. Regards, Arnel C.