Need app for adding purchase options

  • Answered
I am considering building my site on InMotion, and am wondering if you have an app available that lets a customer add options to a purchase. For example, if I offer a basic porch swing for sale, they can go down the list and add options they want; ie. names burned in to the swing, cup holders built in to the arms, heavy-duty chains, upgrade the choice of wood, etc. As each option is selected, the appropriate amount is added to the price. Is there such an app available on this site?
Hello, While our basic builder tool does not have that capability, you would also not use it to build an ecommorce store. You are able to use many many programs to build your site. You can try ecommerce tools like PrestaShop or OpenCart as they are built to handle such things. Our hosting can certainly handle such programs. Kindest Regards, Scott M