OpenCart errors in email

  • Answered
I have a problem in my server that is preventing my opencart website to send any notifications (new orders, new customers, contact form) at all, by email.

At this point i've narrowed all the possibilities and i can say for sure that there is some type of error in my server that is causing my problem!

I've done all of this:
made new installs of opencart in another dirs and another domain withtin the same server - same problem...
copied all my opencart files and database to a local server - problem SOLVED
made a new install of opencart in another domain in another hosting company - problem SOLVED

So it all points to inmotionhosting server, really..
So as this is something that changed between Thursday 12 - Saturday 14th, there must be some logs that you can see what exactly happenend in the server!

Perhaps if you do a server move it'll fix it, i don't know..

I say again, either fix it, or i'll move to another hosting immediately! I'm tired of sending emails over and over and having all the same replies given that doens't work at all... i'm very angry at this point...
Hello ThePortugalOnlineShop, Thank you for contacting us. I saw you contacted Support, and were able to get your site to work by renaming your php.ini file. The php.ini file is used for changing the PHP settings in your account. Most likely there was a limitation or setting in the php.ini causing the issue. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul