How do I manually fix an index file?

  • Answered
This is about the Tiger Mate hack from 2011. I was new to websites and understood very little back then. I hadn't backed up my site (didn't realize I had to or even could). This means I have no backup from before the hack. I just discovered today that my index files are showing ?"HackeD By TiGER-M@TE" at the top of the page. Everything I've read says I need to manually fix my index files. How do I do that? Thanks for your help. FYI: these index files are from my inmotion hosting website, not wordpress.
Hello Billee, Thank you for your question. Since it has been almost 3 years since this hack occurred, we will not have a backup available, from that long ago. Nothing should have been changed but the index file, usually you just download a new one for the software you are using, and replace it. Since you are not using Wordpress, what are you using? If you are using the Builder, simply republish your website, and it will push a new index file to your site. Also, here is our helpful guide on recovering after a hack. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul