Multiple countries within PrestaShop

  • Answered
Dear Sirs,

With further reference to my website n order to allow me to proceed with the set up with prestashop I would be grateful if you could kindly:

1. Configure both enqglish and Italian Language
2. Eliminate the system default data
3. Enable all EU countries, switzerland, Canada and the US
4. Enable as currency EURO, USD, Swiss Franch and Canadian dollar

Many thanks

Francesco Ciani
As this is a public forum, I am unable to make any changes to your account, however, I will be happy to provide you with information in making these changes. Please also do not place identifying information such as your email address and phone number into posts here as they are public and can lead to unwanted spam email and phone calls. I have removed that identifying information for you. To set up multiple languages on your PrestaShop site, simply click on Tools, then Languages. You may then configure any languages that you want within it. To remove the default information, you would just need to change it to what you want, or remove it. There is not a way to remove all default values automatically. To manage multiple countries within your PrestaShop site, you may review our articles on managing zones, states, and countries. This will allow you to configure multiple countries along with the currencies that they require.