how to create a web page

  • Answered
i am a beginner learn fast, i wanna create a web page not from a template (none i like)
i've found this site i like you can start from a blank page but you have to pay for a year to download it, anyway to do something like this with inmotion software
Hello prakustoms, If you use a Content Management System of any kind to create a web page, you will end up using a template of some sort. To not use a template, you will need to custom code your design using HTML, CSS, and PHP. Currently, we do not have a system like the one you referenced, but we do have the Premium Website Builder. If you do not like that, many people look towards using something like WordPress, Joomla, or even Drupal. All of these are available to install via the Softaculous installer tool if you are on one of our shared accounts. Kindest Regards, Scott M