I cannot complete a memcache & memcached installation.

  • Answered
When attempting an install to our server of memcache and memcached we receive errors with dependency on following libraries : libmemcached, libevent, libevent-devel.

Do you have instructions on how to install memcache & memecached on inmotion dedicated server for clean installation to get it up and running quickly.
Hello again LawrenceTee, sorry for the delay in our response. I see that you had submitted a support ticket regarding these issues on your server. It looks like it turned out that yum was hanging, due to a corrupt RPM database. We already went ahead and resolved this issue for you. For future reference if this occurs again, you can typically resolve this problem by clearing the old database and rebuilding it with these commands:
rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*
rpm --rebuilddb
Please let us know if you had any other questions at all. - Jacob