.jpg file type showing with a text file type

  • Answered
In the File Manager, .jpg image files that I have uploaded are showing with a file type of text/x-generic, while the photos that the developer uploaded are showing with a file type of image/x-generic. Just wondering why that was.
Hello Lisa, Thanks for the question. Are you uploading files with the extension of .JPG? If it's not there, then it could be identifying the file as a text file - even though it's actually a JPG file. I asked around and it's also possible that there's something wrong with the file. I tried uploading a graphic file to your account using the cPanel file manager and they are being identified correctly. I did notice that if a file is uploaded without the extension, then it is identified as a text/x-generic file. I left the files in your public_html/image folder if you want to see it. I hope that helps to explain it! Just make sure that the file extensions are there and then file should be identified correctly. If you continue to have problems with this issue, please specify the folder and file so that we can check it here. Regards, Arnel C.