My Prestashop page wont load properly after getting ssl

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My url settings and redirects seem to be ok, but maybe the exact coding is not right to get Prestashop page to load properly with ssl on most browsers after clicking on "shop". My site is and I have a redirect from Following is an email from a moderator on the Prestashop forum:
"One main issue I see on the site is that you are trying to load ssl cross url, which is a big no-no in security. When I go to this page, that is how I see the page. The assets on the page do not load because you are redirecting them. This is actually where your stylesheet is located at, It does not have a valid ssl certificate, so it is not loading. You are going to have to put the site at one domain or the other. You are going to have issues trying to run two domains unless you run either a vps account or buy an ssl certificate that can secure more than one domain name."
I appreciate your help. I really need this to work as I have an ad in a national magazine.
help ticket # 100-1820535
Upon taking a look at your site, it looks like it was simply a caching issue within PrestaShop in which PrestaShop was retaining the old URL for the stylesheets. I have cleared your PrestaShop theme cache in which it has caused the stylesheets to load correctly. After the CSS issue was resolved, I noticed that while most of your images were now loading correctly, they were trying to pull from the old domain still. I simply adjusted the following line in your config/ file to say the following:

define('_MEDIA_SERVER_1_', '');

This caused it to now pull the correct directory for your images instead of the old domain. It looks like everything is now up and running for you. If you have any further questions, let me know. I'm happy to help.