How to conect Wix

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How to connect my domain to Wix template (I already have account there)?
Hello Importemania, Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, your question is a little vague. There are few ways to look at this question. When I checked, I could see that you have a hosting account with InMotion. Wix is a third party hosting account that has a built in website creation process. If you're trying to use Wix's hosting and connect the domain registered at InMotion, then you will need to change the name servers for the domain name so that they're pointing to Wix's hosting server. Understand though, that you're basically paying for two hosting services. Wix has support for this issue that can be found <here. If you are trying to use InMotion's hosting service, but export the website template from Wix to our server, then you will need to speak with Wix. They allow the export of their websites only with certain premium accounts. Further information can be found here. I hope this helps to explain it. If you continue to be confused about the issue, please provide us some further information regarding what you're trying to accomplish and we would be glad to help. Regards, Arnel c.