Should I use Wordpress or PrestaShop?

  • Answered
Hi. This is my first shot at trying to build a website. It is for a small business that expects growth, but we're starting off minimal. Most of my web designer friends recommended that I use Wordpress (which is how I found you all). Does that support selling items online? (I know I'll have to get an SSL...) or will I have to go with something like PrestaShop because it's actually for eCommerce? Also, is PrestaShop code-free and as easy to use as Wordpress?

Thanks so much!
Hello Southern Exposure Greenhouse, Thanks for the question. WordPress will likely be the easier of the two to use as PrestaShop is a specialty application for ecommerce. However, if your intent is to build an online storefront, then you may want to stick with using PrestaShop. You would need to load up plugins to WordPress to make it meet your ecommerce needs. By itself, WordPress is primarily a blog software. If you are not altering the basic functionality and appearance of the themes that PrestaShop gives you then you do not need to worry about dabbling in code. For more information on PrestaShop, please go here. I hope that helps to answer your questions. Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.