Installed WP, points to exisiting hosted acct on godaddy

  • Answered
I've installed WP. But the account was set up with my existing domain name (hosted on godaddy), which I am not ready to transfer over yet, since it is live. I want to migrate it over after creating a new site on inmotion with a different WP theme. Then transfer all the data over and transfer the domain name and migrate everything.

So, the path name is (changed it from /wordpress). When I try to access it, I get a 404 error on my existing site (of course). How do I set up the cpanel to instead of using uses knichols1109 ? And then change it to when I transfer the domain name?
Hello knichols1109, Thank you for your question. While you CAN set your wordpress to use the temp URL for your account, it will appear something like Once you pointed the domain name to our servers, you would need to go back in and alter the configuration of the WordPress files and admin settings to point to your regular domain name. A better alternative is to simply perform a hosts file modification on your computer. This allows your computer to use your domain name for the WordPress site while the rest of the world sees the current site location. It is easily commented out or removed if you want to take a look at your current site as it is not a permanent change. Best of all, you simply set the Wordpress site up as normal and will not have to go back and change any files or configuration. Kindest Regards, Scott M