Prestashop 1.6 shop is not loading

  • Answered
I have installed Prestashop 1.6 through the applications listed in my domain hosting option. After i recevied a confirmation that the installation is successful i'm not able to open the shop link which is: On the other hand, i can access the administration side for my shop.
Is there anything i need to do, or am i missing something ?
I tried installing Prestashop 1.4 and it worked right away.
Thank you
I took a look into your account and moved all existing files out of our public_html directory, then installed a fresh copy of PrestaShop via Softaculous and everything worked flawlessly. I have since removed the changes that I made, but you may simply remove your existing files from your public_html directory using the cPanel File Manager, then create a new, fresh installation of PrestaShop in which it should work perfectly as it did for me.

This may have been caused by existing files within your public_html directory that were affecting your new installation. Clearing everything out and re-running the installation should resolve it for you. I have also noted your account so that if you have any trouble, Technical Support will be able to know exactly how to solve your issue.