resetting data in the Cpanel file manager

  • Answered
Is there any way that I can reset the data in the File Manager to the original files that came with InMotion?
Hello, and thank you for your questions. There are a handful of default files that come installed when you first setup an account with InMotion Hosting. However these files aren't necessary at all for your site to function. You can simply clear all files inside the /public_html directory, keeping just the /cgi-bin directory. Then just ensure you have at least one of the default documents expected by the server, which would be these in order:
DirectoryIndex index.htm index.html index.shtml index.php default.htm default.html home.htm home.html
So for instance the server would try to load index.htm, before trying index.html. You can simply create any of these files in the File Manager, or upload them from your computer. If you would like the exact default documents that InMotion uses, and to have your account files reset to that, please submit a ticket with this request and we'd be glad to do that for you as well. If you had any other questions at all please let us know! - Jacob