Can I delete forwarded messages

  • Answered
Can an email account be set to delete forwarded messages?
Hello bclead, and thanks for the question. You can set user account level filtering up on any email account to allow the server to perform certain actions on a message. By deleting forwarded messages, are you referring to not receiving mail that has been forwarded from another account? That would typically be indicated by a subject with Fwd:. You could create a user level filter for your email account, under the Rules section you would select Subject, and then begins with from the drop-downs. In the text field, you could enter Fwd:, and then from the Actions section you could select Discard Message. Because someone might forward you something important at some point, I'd recommend instead selecting Deliver to folder, and then you can go through that separate folder at times to clear out those messages and look for anything important. If that's not what you were looking to do, please clarify your question a bit more and we'd be glad to help! - Jacob