Will upgrading RAM help with server overload?

  • Answered
We use a dedicated server with 4CPUs.
The problem is that our mysql processes are running up server load to levels of 20-30.
I am struggling to understand that whole thing and was hoping someone could help.

We currently have 4 GB of RAM and our hosting provider offered us to upgrade RAM.
However current stats show:
Server load: 7.4 (4 CPUs)
Memory Used: 5.75%

Would upgrading RAM help in this case or should we concentrate on upgrading the server to a faster CPU?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your issue is certainly CPU related as CPU usage is high but memory usage is low. Upgrading your memory would not affect your performance. I recommend speaking with your developer as well as your hosting provider as they will be able to provide some insight into what is causing the high usage. Diagnosing the high usage issue is always a better idea than simply upgrading the server. Of course, if it is completely legitimate usage, then upgrading your CPU would be the step to take.