Can I add my own webmail login to a Webpage?

  • Answered
i wishto integrate webmail login in my own webpage so i can login directly in my homepage
Hello, Thank you for your question. Since this is a coding question, there are many possible solutions. I found the following code on the official cPanel forums; just replace the server address in the first line with your server: &ltdiv id="content-wrap"&gt&ltform action="" method="post"&gt &ltinput name="login_theme" type="hidden" value="cpanel" /&gt &lttable class="login" style="width: 200px;" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"&gt &lttbody style="text-align: left;"&gt &lttr style="text-align: left;"&gt &lttd style="text-align: left;"&gt&ltstrong&gtLogin&lt/strong&gt&lt/td&gt &lttd style="text-align: left;"&gt &lt/td&gt &lt/tr&gt &lttr style="text-align: left;"&gt &lttd class="login_lines" style="text-align: left;"&gtEmail:&lt/td&gt &lttd class="login_lines" style="text-align: left;"&gt&ltinput id="user" name="user" size="16" type="text" tabindex="1" /&gt&lt/td&gt &lt/tr&gt &lttr class="row2" style="text-align: left;"&gt &lttd class="login_lines" style="text-align: left;"&gtPassword:&lt/td&gt &lttd class="login_lines" style="text-align: left;"&gt&ltinput id="pass" name="pass" size="16" type="password" tabindex="2" /&gt&lt/td&gt &lt/tr&gt &lttr style="text-align: left;"&gt &lttd style="text-align: left;" colspan="2"&gt&ltinput id="login" class="input-button" type="submit" value="Login" tabindex="3" /&gt&lt/td&gt &lt/tr&gt &lt/tbody&gt &lt/table&gt &ltinput name="goto_uri" type="hidden" value="/?login_theme=cpanel" /&gt &lt/form&gt &ltbr /&gt &ltbr /&gt &ltscript type="text/javascript"&gt&lt!-- /* Must not include external javascript -jnk 06.20.09 */ var init = function() { document.getElementById("user").value = ''; document.getElementById("pass").value = ''; document.getElementById("user").focus(); }; if( window.addEventListener ) { window.addEventListener('load',init,false); } else if( document.addEventListener ) { document.addEventListener('load',init,false); } // --&gt&lt/script&gt &lt/div&gt Add this script to a web page to add a custom login box. This was the easiest of many coding solutions I found, via google search. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul