Specialized redirect with exceptions

  • Answered
We are about to launch a new site that will eventually replace an older site (both on your server). For now, we want all but a few pages of the old site to redirect to the new site. We would like to have those few pages available as links from the new site.

Do we need to manually redirect all the pages of the old site (and not the exceptions) or is there an easier way?

Thank you.
Hello, Thanks for the question! If you want to re-direct only a certain number of pages from an older site and not ALL of them, then you would need to manually re-direct them. If you want to redirect ALL of them, then you can create a re-direct with the wildcard option in the cPanel Redirects. You can also use this section of the cPanel to create your individual redirects. I hope that helps to clear up the issue! Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.