SSL Error on New Site even though I'm not using HTTPS

  • Answered
Error I get is "You attempted to reach, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as I am not trying to use https. This happened first on a Mac, but now happens on my PC. I'm just setting up a new website in Wordpress.
Hello Meristem, Thank you for submitting a question about an SSL error on new site. The problem is typically happening when you're trying to access the site using the https://www.yourdomain If I type in :, then it works fine and I do NOT see the error. Additionally, if you want to use HTTPS, then you will need to purchase a SSL certificate. I checked your settings and everything seems okay. I unable to duplicate the URL going straight to HTTPS unless I select to type in https. Remember also that if you can select HTTPS in the installation of the Wordpress site. This should not be selected if you have not obtained a SSL certificate. If you're still having this problem, please provide us a little more detail on the URL you're using when you're typing it in your browser. If you want the issue handled privately, then call in to our live technical suppor t team (available 24/7). Regards, Arnel C.