Installing Symfony in shared environmente

  • Answered
I've used softaculous to install symfony. However the installation does not seem to be complete. I suppose I need to invoke composer.phar. As long as I dont have sell access, how can I complete the installation?
Hello Sarmisen, Sorry for the problem! I reviewed the issue and tested the installation here. The problem has to do with Softaculous itself. It does appear to complete the installation, but the program never fully completes the installation. We investigated this in the test. There is currently an open issue with Softaculous that our live technical support team has been tracking. I have created a ticket for you (1720288) addressed to our support team. When they have a resolution from Softaculous, they will be able to alert you to the fix. Apologies again for the problem! We are waiting on a response from Softaculous for resolution. Regards, Arnel C.