Installing Wordpress on sub-domain - reached database limit

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I have been trying to make a wordpress install on a temporary sub-domain called
After a few failed attempts it seems there is a database limit on the account
This seems odd as I have not seen through many types of hosting companies - please let me know if we need to increase the account size, or what!

I am the web developer for the site - the account owner Jackie McMillan has approved this message ;)

Many thanks,

Hello thrive18, Thank you for your question today. The reason you are hitting the database limit is due to the hosting plan type. For instance, if the hosting plan is a Launch Plan, there are only 2 databases allowed on the plan. To allow any more would require an upgrade to the Power Plan, which allows for 50. If you were on the Power Plan, it would require an upgrade to the Pro plan, which allows for 200 databases. Any more would require an upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated plan, which have no upper limit of databases. Below is an article we have written on how to upgrade your hosting plan. How to Upgrade or Downgrade your Hosting Plan You may also take a look at the plans side by side here to help make your upgrade decision. Kindest Regards, Scott M