second login for add-on domain?

  • Answered

I've created an add-on domain for my son to blog about an engineering project. He'd like to set up and use WordPress there on his own. Do I have to give him my cpanel login and password? If not, what do I need to do so that he can log in and use WordPress on the add-on domain?
Hello, Thanks for the question! You don't have give your son the password or login URL for your cPanel. You can install WordPress using Softaculous and then set it up on a subdomain OR add-on domain. In either case, you would need to make sure that you add an add-on domain or create a subdomain before you run the installation in Softaculous. This will allow you to select the domain when you get to that part of the installation in Softaculous. Additionally, remember that you need to register the domain name before you can use it as an add-on domain name. Once you have it installed, you can then give your son the URL for the WordPress installation. Typically, the URL for the admin would look like this: By the way, if you decide to install it on a subdomain, then the URL would look like this after you create it in cPanel (the "blog" folder is an example of a subdomain): The subdomain URL is required to be created in cPanel before you can select it in Softaculous. You can also choose to NOT create the subdomain, and add a directory name in the installation process. If you do that, then the path would look something like this if your selected domain is "": If you wanted to install Wordpress at the root of the domain, then make sure that the directory field is BLANK (as per the instructions). I hope that helps to clarify the issue! Let us know if you require further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.