Follow Me Button when configuring Instagram Picture

  • Answered
When configuring the Instagram Picture widget, it looks like I have the option to add a follow button.
However, when I click the dropdown, there are no buttons available to select.
Can you please advise where this list is populating from?
Hello, and thanks for the question. It looks like when you log into WordPress and then go to Instagram > Follow Me, you can click Update to have it load up the follow buttons in your /button/button_package_1/wp-content/plugins/instagram-picture/button/. I then hit the green Update button again and it stated Folder found (button_package_1). However when I then went to add a Widget, the Follow Me drop-down only had the option of No Button, or a blank entry when just using the default buttons. When I selected the blank entry it did create the link to my Instagram account, but it was missing any image, and the raw link it was creating was in this format:
So it looks like something in the code for the plugin isn't inserting what it should between the //'s. Or in this case it is, because the option I chose was a blank, which was the only thing I could, this seems to mimic that setting. When I attempted to load the downloaded buttons, the blank entry option disappeared, and I was only left with the No button option. So I think something is wrong with the plugin's code itself. If you'd like to have it work, I found that doing a fresh install of the plugin, and then using this snippet of code placed inside your .htaccess file can catch these requests for the blank entry and rewrite them to an actual image as expected:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /instagram-picture/button//$
RewriteRule .*
Please let us know if you had any further questions. - Jacob