intalling Jetpack wordpress plugin - no conection

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Wile trying to install Jetpack plugin in a wordpress self hosted site, got this message, . . . ."The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [HTTP 500]. Ask your web host if they allow connections from "
Where do I start ? where should I go to check?
-Thank U!
Hello Carlos, Sorry to hear about the issues you're having, unfortunately it looks like something is wrong with your WordPress installation causing the problems. When the xmlrpc.php script is run directly from the server it spits back some XML code with this message:
faultCode -32700
That basically means it's having a parsing error and unable to provide the correct XML code to display. If you take a look at your other WordPress installation on your account, you can see that when you access xmlrpc.php that it does indeed display the XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only message, so something is different between your two installs. It also looks like your install that you're having the issues with JetPack is also unable to display content on your FrontPage at this time. I'm assuming you might have been doing some modifications on the site today, so I'm not sure in what state you left it. If you had active content on the site before you started having problems, you could run through essentially the same process from our reinstall WordPress after a hack guide. Essentially you'd want to upload new WordPress core files to your website, and then use the same database settings in your wp-config.php from your previous install. If you hadn't done much on the site yet, you could always just simply delete the install and create a completely new one again. Let us know if you had any other questions. - Jacob
Hello Adminpaz, Sorry to hear you're having problems with Jetpack. I have this plugin-in installed with no issues on my own test site. I'm unable to tell how far you've gone with your JetPack installation. When you first install it, you need to click on the menu item labeled "JetPack" and then click on connect with your account. If you don't have a account, then you need to set one up. If you're having a problem with setting it up, please tell us how to duplicate the problem so that we can step through it using your account. Currently, when we try to install it on a test server it works when attempt to connect to an existing account. For further information, you may want to check with Jetpack Technical Support or try reviewing the Troubleshooting WordPress Plugins tutorial available in our Support Center. I hope this helps to clear up the issue! Please let us know if you require further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.