Upgrade from Pro to VPS

  • Answered
Hi, we have a domain at http://falsebehavinganimals.com/, we are at the limit of how many addon domains we can have and would like to upgrade to VPS 1000. Is there anything we need to consider. How do we go about doing this maintaining all current sites on our hosting?
While, I cannot provide you with specifics of your account via this public message board, I will be happy to provide you with some general information. The number of addon domains that you are using as well as how many are available can be found directly within cPanel. If you look to the left sidebar in cPanel and expand the stats there, you will see a listing for addon domains, which will include the total number being used and available. A VPS is an excellent idea as it will allow things such as SSH access, unlimited domains, seperate cPanel accounts, and a dedicated mail IP. To move to a VPS, simply submit an upgrade request via AMP and all of your data will be moved for you to a new VPS. Any current sites, once migrated, will be managed in the same way that they were before on shared hosting.