This code is not retrieving data

  • Answered
Hi, I followed this tutorial and everything works fine besides the display part. the Code displays my echo message but not the comments. ANy ideas as to why its do that?
Hello, Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, you haven't given us ANY information that we can use to try to help you. We don't know what tutorial you followed, and any other information on your account since you entered it anonymously. If you wish for us to help, please provide some specific information such as the tutorial, your account name, error messages and steps to recreate your problem. If you wish to keep this issue private, then please contact our Technical Support department through phone/chat/email. In order to work with the live support team, please make sure that you have your Account Management Panel (AMP) password or the last 4 digits of the credit card that is on the account for verification purposes. Regards, Arnel C.