gmail will not display images sent using phpmailer

  • Answered
gmail displays my html emails but will not load the image into the table. Other email programs do show the image such as yahoo, and outlook.
Hello Alex, Sorry to hear that you're having a problem with Gmail. We do not format the emails so that they work in one browser or another unfortunately. Since you are seeing them work in other email clients - such as Yahoo or Outlook, then the issue appears to be with the Gmail client. If you are not aware there has been a recent change to the way Gmail handles images. This was announced on Dec 12. You can see the message here: Gmail not displaying images correctly. There is a response from Google here that might explain the issue as well. It does appear that you're stating two different things: Gmail NOT displaying images sent using PHPmailer, and then you state in your message that HTML emails are not loading your email into the tables. If you can please provide specific information on what's happening, steps to duplicate the issue then we can investigate immediately. Happy holidays! Regards, Arnel