Can Not Access Update or Plugin Menu in Wordpress

  • Answered
When I am in my Wordpress Dashboard and attempt to access the update or plugin option via the menu it tells me "Whoops, That Page Isn't There." I have already disabled all of my plugins and the problem still persists and the files in cpanel appear to be intact. This problem appeared when I updated to Wordpress to 3.7. I have since updated to 3.8 in cpanel hoping it would correct the problem but it did not.
Hello ScottMoody, Sorry to hear about the problem. This is probably related to the Fixing re-direct error in after Wordpress 3.7 upgrade. I have already applied the fix (which is to comment out the add handler in the .htaccess file for PHP). Refresh your screen and you should be able to see it work now. If you're still having problems, make sure to try clearing your web browser cache first. Hope that helps! If you still require assistance please let us know. Happy Holidays! Arnel C.