Adding new page using an existing text file?

  • Answered
I am moving an existing wiki (not doku). I have managed to get the pages in text form.
How can I get them into the doku wiki without cut and paste?
I've trie puting the files under the doku wiki directory but doku does not seem to pick them up.

Hi declan, I did some research on importing .txt files into doku wiki and found the following: bulk import In that forum thread, HansBKK mentioned the following: Create a couple of test pages and name spaces and you'll see where DW puts them. Just put your txt files in the same place with appropriate file and folder names, and when you navigate to them the first time DW will create indexing metafiles so the next time will be faster. You can use a spidering tool as well, or use the rebuild index command. There was also a mention about text file names causing problems, so you might find the following information helpful as well: dglp said: I'm looking at the mass indexing of files uploaded by FTP, and wondering why some are indexed but not others. It looks like DW wants the uploaded filenames to contain only lowercase, no spaces, no parenthetic brackets. I also found the following forum thread that seems to say the same thing: Importing Data Question: I want to know if there's a way to import data into a wiki? I want to build my wiki via data I have stored in text files. Answer: Just put your files into ./data/pages (and if applicable move them into different sub folders) and the wiki will be automatically populated with them. The "only" thing you'll need to do is format them properly and link everything appropriately within the wiki.