Wordpress 404 error within dashboard

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i have three sites
and both of them have 404 errors whenever i access certain pages in the Dashboard. I've already check and manually upgraded the wordpress but I still get the same errors. i did not update nor post nor install anything new, they just started getting errors and I don't know since when because I haven't been updating the sites since August the latest.

karahizon.com --> Whenever I post, I got the 404 error on /blog/wp-admin/post.php i also dont have access to the plugins.php

vegwahine.karahizon.com --> cannot access plugins and widgets themes etc

Lastly, my third site, lomolocoshop.com is getting internal server errors whenever I access the widgets page.
I was having this problem also, I even did a fresh WordPress install and was still having it. All you need to do is upgrade your PHP version.

I went to my control panel and in the software/services section there's a button that says php configuration, when you click on that a little drop down menu appears and there you can chose the latest version of PHP, which I was on 5.2 and upgraded it to 5.5. When I did that the 404 errors went away.
Hello, I spent some time looking at your problem with your WordPress sites and they appear to have been all related to one thing: WordPress3.7 Redirect Issue. I fixed it and the sites appear to be back to normal. Try it and let us know if you continue to have any further problems! Regards, Arnel C.